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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

yesterday was cd1! that means i had a 28 day cycle...but more importantly, that means i have now had 4 cycles in a row that came "on their own". nan-nan-a-boo-boo!

last week i got a call from my dr. c's office; here's the convo:

nurse: hi dana, this is nurse blah-blah from dr c's office.
me: hello? (and why are you calling?)
nurse: we rec'd your refill request for the metformin and it's time for you to come back in and have your 3 month lab test done.
me: my what?
nurse: your 3 month blood test to check your kidney & liver function.
me: are you sure you're calling the right patient? there's nothing wrong w/ my kidney's or my liver.
nurse: well, you are on metformin, correct?
me: correct.
nurse: your last lab was july, you're overdue.
me: overdue for what?
nurse: (((SIGH))) your kidney & liver check....required when you take metformin.
me: uh.......

the conversation continued for a few minutes as we went back & forth. mainly me denying that i needed that test. b/c see, the thing is, i haven't EVER had one of those tests. my last test in july was my annual CBC - my dr does it every year, for every patient, @ their annual visit. so, you can see why i was perplexed.

uberlong story short, when you are on met, you are supposed to have this kidney/liver test done every 3 months (according to the nurse, who i'm assuming got that info from my dr - so i have no reason to doubt her. ehm.) .

and it's not that i do doubt her. it's that for a year, i've been taking met...the max dosage....2000mg a day. so, it's kinda worrisome to hear that i should've been checking my organs to make sure they're not dysfunctional (at least some of my organs, anyway). so, of course, the next two days i sat and thought about all the things wrong w/ me over the past year and wondered if they could be attributed to my kidney's or liver. but nothing stood out. good.

on friday i went to the lab. i was running late and starving - so i called the lab to find out if i needed to fast for this test. i was told no (and yes, the thought did cross my mind that maybe the lab tech didn't really know if this was a fasting test but you know me, trustworthy & all).....

and then i get a call yesterday - and look at the caller id "Austin Area OBGYN"...and i think shit, shit, shit....this cannot be good. nurse blah blah calls back to tell me that my sugars were higher than in july (110 v 105) and needs me to come in again. asks if i was fasting, just to "confirm". um, nope.

and so i'm here...waiting for a call back to see if i need to go retest. it's really not a big deal, just more of an annoyance. and there goes dr c's 10 year perfect record of outstanding-never-miss-anything-always-on-the-ball service. damn.


Anonymous said...

I'm on Metformin and I go to a very fancy, very good clinic and I have never been told that I need a check b/c of the Met, so my guess is that you are probably fine.