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NIAW Cont'd....The GOOD!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

so, today i'll post about the "good" of infertility. i know you must be asking yourself what good can come from being infertile but there are a few things. and this one has been life changing:

as i've previously stated, being infertile changes a person but it also changes those around you. you slowly notice that people stop calling, especially if they are starting their own families. and really, i completely understand. for most of us, our lives nearly come to a screeching halt when we are diagnosed with infertility. time is spent going to the dr, taking meds, timing sex etc...and in turn we, too, lose touch with the "outside world." and after a while, even i get tired of hearing myself talk about not getting a BFP, the side effects of the drugs i'm on, my raging hormones, the depression that slowly sinks in month after month - so i don't expect my friends to want to hear about it either.

so, i turned to and truly embraced the capabilities of the world wide web.

and then i found them. women in waiting. my sisters in this fight.

i will NEVER be able to fully express to you my gratitude to these women. women who don't even know me! but day after day, they offer their unending support of encouragement, inspiration, thoughts, advice....oh, how the list goes on.

if you take a peek a the long list of blogs i follow (to your right), you will see a few. but there a few who deserve to be called out - some of which i have used code names (they know who they are) to protect their innocence (hehe):


singing bird*

i have known some of you longer than others but i need y'all to know that without you, i can honestly say i do not know where i would be today, two-&-a half years into this journey. each of you, in your own way, feed my soul with your friendship and kindness. i am eternally grateful for having met you.

and tonight, i thank you.

*not infertile but totally belongs in this post of giving thanks.