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semper fi

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

my stepbrother, g, leaves for the Ma.rines this morning. he was originally scheduled to leave last month but they had too many recruits, so his leave date got pushed back. he'll be going to camp pendleton for basic training & then off to tech school. (we're still waiting to hear if the fires, which have destroyed 500+ acres @ camp p., will have affect his departure - last minute.)

i'm proud of g for making this commitment. he is a wild one and really, really needs guidance and stability in his life. there is no doubt in my mind that the ma.rine corp is the best place for him. if he can stick it out, i know he will accomplish great feats - both external and internal.

i'm sure some of you reading this will have thoughts of your own regarding him joining the mil.itary right now. i respectfully request that you please keep the negative comments to yourself. our family has deep mil.itary roots, so our perspective is probably a bit different than some/most.

good luck and God bless, g.