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hello monday!

Monday, October 13, 2008

good mornin' friends! let's not waste on pleasantries when there's important business to get to -

in case you haven't seen it, here's the new college football rankings:

AP Top 25
Texas (39) 6-0 1,599
2. Alabama (26) 6-0 1,582
Penn State 7-0 1,492
Oklahoma 5-1 1,306
Florida 5-1 1,284
USC 4-1 1,247
Texas Tech 6-0 1,210
Oklahoma State 6-0 1,184
Brigham Young 6-0 1,131
Georgia 5-1 1,081

Texas' busted out a can of whoop-ass on OU this weekend and we are now #1! Hook'Em HoRns!!
we had our big appointment in Houston on thursday. all went surprisingly well. hopefully all of this will be over w/i the next few months. keeping fingers crossed and prayers going to the BigMan himself.
not much happening cycle wise. no big surprises. no big let downs. and tbh, i am perfectly ok with this. oh - in somewhat related news, i've lost 22lbs.
my mom bought me a copy of Eat, Pray, Love this weekend. i've been wanting to read it ever since my friend jen (blog is private, or i'd link you) recommended it and i saw ms. gilbert on Oprah (and just ftr, i don't "do" Oprah like i once did...she's gotten a l'il too big for me). i started reading it last night and can already tell i'm going to really enjoy it.
i am officially bummed that it doesn't look like we'll be able to do any gardening this fall. we are in a drought and every thing i've read says not to plant anything until you've had a good rain. well, no rains for us. and time is fast approaching when it will be too late in the season to plant anything meaningful. we'll see.
oh...i'm still annoyed w/ this punctuation issue w/ blogger. the spacing (or lack thereof) is really pissing me off!
and that's it for me this morning. hope y'all have a marvelous monday!
peace out!


Joelle said...

Love love love Eat Pray Love! Got me through a really tough'll love it. :)

Jen J said...

You're totally going to love Eat, Pray, Love!!!! I can't wait til you meet Richard from Texas!