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yea,yea. i suck. i know

Sunday, March 15, 2009

i've been ignoring my blog.

things have been pretty mellow lately. which is nice. because between my sister's wedding and our upcoming court drama, the shit is soon to hit the fan.

so i'm enjoying the slow pace. for now.

played some dominoes over the weekend with the neighbors. then got sucked into playing 'sum dominoes' with the neighbor's daughter, S. dunno if you've ever played it but it's part of the math pentathlon. and if you want to be mindfucked, i recommend it. srsly. even tho the info-packet lists logic, among other things, as one of the objectives - there is absolutely no logic. and this bugs me. because i look for logic everywhere. but whatever. go forth 2nd graders. leave real dominoes to the grown-ups.

got some new tunes this weekend, too. don't tell the captain. he doesn't get my obsession w/ music and i don't want him all pissy. hehe. in case you're wondering and i know that you are, i grabbed this and this. really wanted this and briefly experienced heartfail when i couldn't find it. maybe next time. (ftr, i do still download music but i've gone back to my old habits of actually purchasing cds. i kinda missed 'em.)

until next time...peace.


~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

Dominos are very addicting...I become pyshco when I play.