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Saturday, March 7, 2009

I don't really have anything of significance to blog about (for a change), so I figured I'd share a few random outtakes from conversations btwn the Captain and myself this week...

***the Captian on becoming impatient with another person: "Hurry the hell up before I go Nancy.Kerrigan on your ass!"

seriously, who just pulls out a 'nancy.kerrigan' card? the captain, apparently.

***Back and forth that took place in the McDonald's drive-thru:

me: .....and I'd like to get a cheeseburger happy meal

McDs chick: would you like a girl or boy toy?

me: doesn't matter

the Captain (yelling across the car): we'd like a METROSEXUAL, please!

O.M.G. I nearly died from both embarrassment and laughter.

***I was IMing with a friend of mine the other night. And I was trying to remember the name of a certain old t.v. show. So, knowing he'd know the answer...this is how the convo went -

me: hey babe, 'member that old hillbilly show back in like the 70's. it was like a variety hour with rednecks and they used to square dance or something...i just remember them wearing a lot of gingham...remember? what was that called?

tc: oh yea, you mean HeeHaw.

me: yea, HeeHaw. Thanks!

(crickets chirping)

tc: wait. hold up. did you just call HeeHaw "hillbilly" and "redneck"?

me: uh, yea. duh!

tc: HeeHaw was NOT hillbilly! (proceeds to school me from the other room on how HeeHaw was anything BUT hillbilly for the next 10 minutes).

me: LMAO so hard, I literally fell out of the chair...

and I got the stink-eye for the next hour.

not sure if these were as funny to you as they were me. perhaps they were more "you had to have been there" funnies. but it's all i've got and i'm still LOLing about them :)



Jen J said...

OMG!!! That's so freakin' funny!!!! Someone just used the Nancy Kerrigan card in a coversation with me last week too! We were talking to a good friend of ours here and telling them about the Basketball Garbage and he offered to "Nancy Kerrigan their asses."

WHAT are the odds that both of us would have a Nancy Kerrigan reference in the course of one week? WEIRD!!!

And how come no one ever says "Tanya Harding their asses" since she's the one who *did it* --- they always call it a Nancy Kerrigan! Too funny!

Kelly C said...

...but it WAS hillbilly, right? I mean, my parents used to watch it & they were pretty PWT back in the day. It was like the Laugh-In of the South.