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on running late

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i woke this morning the the melodic sound of my black.berry. not the screeching shriek of my alarm clock. and what ensued at that point was pure hilarity to the Captain, I'm sure.

but you've been there. and you've done that. so i won't go into how i darted out of bed as if Satan himself was staring me in the face... i tripped over my own feet on my way to pee... i skipped the Lis.terine and just started vigorously brushing (which btw kinda makes me feel dirty)...threw my hair up in a bun and thanking g-d i remembered deodorant, i was out the door in 10 min flat.

without my coffee.

and the entire way to work, i was very verbally cursing the gods who decided that it was necessary to change the time twice a year. i mean, really. does it matter? it'll still get darker earlier or stay lighter later no matter what my clock says. so must they screw me all to hell and get my panties in a wad every fall and every spring?

and then, i heard this on the radio and was brought down off my pedestal (only a little tho)

p.s. i'm totally diggin' the disheveled look, btw.