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no tongs?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

well, yesterday was my appointment. after being felt-up and for my annual, all is well. dr c is pleased with my last 2 cycles (55days & then 27 days) and would like me to stay on the clomid (in addition to the met). he likes that i'm charting and doing the opk's - we agreed this will be helpful in january if we run into any problems (haha). i should get the blood work results back tomorrow & my curiosity is peaking.

totally random thought from my appt: i placed my feet in the stirrups and braced my self for the invasion of the only-a-man-could've-designed-this-torture-device tongs. but much to my surprise (and delight), no tongs! i don't know why or if they're just not used anymore (OR my hoo-ha has been handled so much w/i the last year, there's no reason to pry her open?) but they weren't used...i even asked just in case i somehow missed it. interesting, i know.

it finally looks like we may actually have a cleared path for pregnancy without all the speed- bumps come 2009.

no worries, i'm not that hopeful.


Lori said...

Yeah! Sounds like it went really well. Can't wait for you to start ttc!