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Thursday, July 17, 2008

so, i can't help but feel like i'm not part of the IF community right now. even though I know that i am. it's just kind of different knowing that while we're not necessarily TTA, we're not actively TTC either.

i really have tried to embrace this time and enjoy it as much as possible with the captain and work on some crafty stuff. but i still have all the same emotions i did when we were really workin' the TTC program. kwim? and i'm fairly certain that's probably normal.

i have decided to start charting (again) w/ my next cycle. hopefully that will give me a good baseline to go by in january when we crank it up again...assuming that everything goes as planned. ehm.

and speaking of next lil' sister is getting married in april (yay!). does anyone else see the potential conflict here? any suggestions? would you wait until after the wedding to ttc? is it selfish of me if i don't? i mean, if i were to get pregnant in feb...i'd only be a couple of months along, so i don't think it'd be that big of a deal. well, other than the fact that i wouldn't be able to enjoy a of wine. i'll just sit on this until i order my dress in october.

oh! i've scheduled my annual for 7/30 & i'm very excited! i can't wait for dr. c to see how much weight i've lost since our last visit (may) and i'm eagerly awaiting the cbc he does; i know...weird. but he runs a pretty thorough panel once a year, so hopefully i'll have some positive changes in my numbers - hormones (multiple), blood sugar, liver enzymes, cholesterol, etc...

speak of the sis is calling! we'll chat more later....


Lori said...

Charting sounds like a good way for you to keep track of your cycles. I actually enjoyed charting and I found it really insightful!

My sister was pregnant and missed my wedding because she was on bedrest! She was going to be in it and had a dress ordered way too big, then she was going to have it fitted down to her. I say keep on trying and what happens, happens!

Good luck at your annual! Should be neat to see how your levels have changed!

Singing Bird's Accomplice said...

Here's hoping that you're too tired and happy to be PG to even CARE about sippin' a celebratory glass o' grape come April!! ;-)

Besides, you can always have sis plan to keep a nice, cold bottle of sparkling apple cider on hand...just in case.

NOT selfish at all to follow your bliss...full speed ahead!

tejanamama said...

GL with losing weight. I had no idea you were doing that and doing so well! AWESOME JOB! Keep it up! Oh...and don't postpone ttc cuz of a way!