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a quiet house

Monday, July 14, 2008

after a week of babysitting baby mason, he's back @ home with his loving family.

and there is a strange silence in our house now. there is so much that i could be sad about but i'm going to try my best to be thankful (for a change).

for one week we got to:
  • hear a baby laugh and giggle
  • hear the sound of pitter-patter on the floor
  • see hysterical, priceless faces that only a child can make
  • enjoy the conversations that only take place with a one-yr old
  • smell the sweetness of a baby
  • watch mason try (& succeed) @ sneaking his food to mego!
  • be touched so tenderly by mason's delicate hands
  • and be kissed by his soft lips

i'm sure over the years i've doubted my desire to become a parent (heck, it wasn't until i met the captain that i even wanted to have kids!). throughout our journey of IF, i have often asked myself "am i ready for this?" or "are WE ready for this?" & "am i selfless enough?". but babysitting mason has solidified my quest of wanting to be a parent. it has also confirmed my need to be a mother.

to j&c, thank you for trusting us enough to care for your precious boy. we had a blast! he was an absolute delight and the pleasure was ours.

and to baby mason: you are the best kid ever! we had so much fun and you opened our eyes to many new things! of course, i'm probably biased b/c i was there when you were born, like i saw you literally come into the world! and b/c of that, i think we have a special bond. but most importantly, mason - thank you for giving us something that i think only you could ~ Hope.


The Singing Bird's Ambassador of Hope said...

Keep the green bough...