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hey, jerry!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

so, looks like jerry and rebecca wanna have a baby. three words:

i'm not going to spend more time on hottie jerry and his gorgeous wife, rebecca. not when julie has done a great job of summing up my feelings (as usual), read here. and not when i'm determined to finish this blog not feeling like a rejected-reproductively broken-freak. sigh.

i'm waiting for my next cycle to start. i was sure it was going to be this morning, as my legs were hurting a lot last much so that i had to keep moving them while lying in bed (not normal for me). but alas, there's no sign of her, yet. i've been told i can technically start charting at any point in my cycle. but i like to have a clear start-date. so, i've decided to wait until cd1; hence, my impatience with AF's timing, or lack thereof.

i signed up for a sewing class next month! yay! i'm SO excited! there are so many projects i want to start working on for Christmas and Chanukkah gifts (yes, i realize it's only july...but i'm c-r-a-z-y like that!). i bought some fabrics last night - and i must say, i love them all. the fabric cutter/cashier kept telling me how much she liked what i'd picked out. now, of course, she might have just been saying this but it made me feel good that a total stranger liked my picks...hopefully the recipients of my gifts will too!

are you crafty? what types of gifts do you make for your family & friends (or for yourself?!)?


tejanamama said...

so not crafty but i sure wish i was! I have wanted to take a sewing class for years! Where are yout taking it? I hope i can sometime in the somewhat near future..let me know what you think of yours! GL!

Martina said...

you're going to really like sewing!! i can teach you a few tricks if ya want!!

Arian said...

I sooo want to learn my sewing machine! I know you will have a blast with that class! I try to do nifty crafty little things for holidays too. I am actually starting that very soon! It takes a while to make several projects, especially new ones! I can't wait to get in that "mode" again! Have fun!!!!