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ah, jerry

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i suppose after my recent mini-rant about jerry, i should offer my congrat's. so, congrat's to jerry & rebecca, who are expecting not one but two babies! two....2....1+1....freaking twins!

so, why couldn't they just say that in the first place? why make a fuss about "trying" & being "lucky enough"? lucky? wtf? why not just come out and say that you're expecting....or don't say anything at all? blech.

but here's the kicker: a "source" felt compelled to add that "The twins were conceived without the help of in vitro fertilization or the fertility drug Clomid..." and so what if they were? so what if they needed a little nudge? was it necessary to make it known that they needed no reproductive assistance? seriously? again...why not just keep your trap shut? double blech. blech.

TBH, i really feel for celebrities who are constantly defending what they choose to do with their womb. i mean, is nothing sacred? and then there are those who just blab...blab...blab and make it increasingly difficult for me to swallow my morning joe.

and since i enjoy a bit of self-torture now & again, i know i'll be keeping up with their pregnancy...just like i do all the others.


Texas Lisa said...

Dana, thanks for the super sweet comment on my weight loss site. There is a new and exciting post right now... ;) Anyway, now I can add your site link to my family site so I can keep up with YOU! :)

allyouwhohope said...

I read your post from the other day about this, so I thought of you when I saw yesterday that they were expecting! I agree, very weird way to handle it - I understand they were probably asked about it and didn't want to reveal it yet, but two days later they announce?!

So I see in your posts that you have leg pain when a new cycle is starting. Well I do too, and I've never heard anyone else say this before! I've always wondered what it means. Maybe nothing.

Congrats on your weight loss!

dana said...

^^yea, i've had the leg pain for years - at least until i went on the pill. but since i'm off the pill, with no plans to get back on, it's started up again. it is so painful and my legs feel "strained". kwim? i wish there was something we could do about that. hmmph.