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all aboard? eh, not so much.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ok, I need to confess something. I'm a reader. I LOVE to read. And I'm not one those people who doesn't finish books or just leaves them around to linger until I feel ready to pick it back up again. Once I start, I'll finish. I take that back a little bit - I'll give you 3 chapters, if after the 3rd chpt I'm still not into it, I don't waste my time.

Back in October, I started reading this book. I was SO excited. I had read so much about it, saw the author on O.prah and my friends raved over the book and what it did for them. Needless to say, I couldn't wait to get on the EPL train. I was waiting for a big boom...a revelation...something, anything.

And I'm thinking that my expectations and hopes were a little too high. Because I feel so disappointed and let down.

I haven't finished it yet; I'm about 3/4 of the way through. And I feel like I'm forcing myself to finish it. Like, maybe the epiphany happens once the book is completely read? Or maybe I'm just not down enough in the wallows of misery to fully appreciate the message? I'm kinda feeling like a dumbass about this....I mean, wth am I missing? I'm not going to not finish it; I will finish reading it this weekend - albeit forcibly but I'm tired of staring at it on my nightstand in wonderment and confusion, all the same.

And so that's my confession. Nothing earth-shattering or ball breaking. Just a little ramble and an admittance that I think I missed the train with this one.


Jen J said...

There's nothing wrong with wondering what the big deal is. I've felt that way about books before. Honestly that's one reason it took me so long to pick up a Harry Potter book. There were parts (most of Indonesia) where I felt like she lost me in that same book - and like you said, maybe you just are in a good place & can't connect with the struggles. Not that that's a bad thing to be in a good place.


Joelle said...

Well, I LOVED this book. I was very reluctant to read it (i don't like self helpy type books), but for me, it hit the right cord. I also read it right after we lost the baby, and I think it helped me from going down to a place that was even worse than I where I was at.
But I've been there with books...A Million Little Pieces...everyone raved about that...couldn't get into it. I think our interests have a lot to do with our mental attitude at that particular time in our lives!

~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

I am right there with you...I couldn't get into is one of like 3 books I haven't been able to finish...LOL