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seriously? seriously.

Monday, February 9, 2009

as if it weren't enough that the techno-gods felt the need to crash both my pc and my i.pod, they took it to a new level thursday and truely became traitors.

i was driving home, in rush hour traffic, windows down and singing/screaming (?) along to some jason mraz (love u, j!) minding my own effin' business when all of the sudden, my brakes were needed. and fast. so, i slammed them. hard. and then i heard it.


and i knew it was over. i knew it was gone. and i stared in shock. total disbelief.

my black.berry had slid off the center console, down into my drink. and i just sat there and stared. SERIOUSLY?! did that seriously just happen?

i honestly think i was having a panic attack. my life was drowning before my eyes!

and i must have looked like a freakin' maniac b/c all of the sudden my female instincts to protect everything you hold dear kicked in and i grabbed my l'il baby out of a sea of diet dr pepper and i started to peel her apart. and once i had the battery, sim card and media card out, i just started waving my bb profusely, arm hanging out the window trying with all my might so save her.

when i got home, i immediately went online to look for a remedy. i found that someone posted if you stick it in rice, the rice will absorb the moisture and it might be brought back to life. so, my baby spent 72 hrs in a pool of uncle.ben's. i eagerly pulled her out yesterday and replaced her battery and charged her up, waiting to exhale in glee.

nothing. nada. NOTHING. she was dead. gone.

i did the only thing i could do. i called and ordered her replacement. so, now I'm awaiting my new arrival.

i can already feel the deep bond we're going to have and i cannot wait. please hurry, my l'il crackberry. i need you.


Bluebird said...

Oh my gosh that it so tragic! I chuckled a little reading your post. . . but only because I can see myself doing the exact same thing! Hope you're able to get to your info and etc. - what a headache!

Lori said...

I know how you feel! Luckily my iPhone survived being submerged. I was so ready to run out and buy another if I needed to. Hope you get your new one soon!