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Monday, November 17, 2008

i had a post topic in mind this morning & have completely forgotten what it was. crap.

but i do have a question - cd1 was on oct 27 & on cd20 (nov 15) i had EWCM & some mild/noticeable cramping on my right side. i am crossing my fingers that i O'd. but i'm kinda thinking cd20 seems late to be O'ing. i had EWCM on cd17 my previous cycle but felt no symptoms of ovulation.

i've read my TCYF book and i'm thinking this is pretty normal but my EWCM only lasts for MAYBE 2 days. last month it was just plain weird tho - i had EWCM on cd17 and then nothing until cd22.

i'm so usual. lol. thank goodness i have a dr appt this week. i just love being the patient who comes in with a blank look on her face while telling the RE "yes, we have been ttc for 2+ years. promise."

(sorry about the font changes. i really was getting tired of the spacing issues i was having and am trying to see how i like the "Arial")


tam said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes, I think when we are going through this we can often become so highly sensitive to the way everyone is acting that we develop a radar for this sort of thing. The last time I saw my friend, about a month ago, she was dressed sort of frumpily where she normally wears fitted clothes. At the time she could only have been two months along, and wasn't showing (I checked), but I just had this feeling she wasn't feeling like her usual adorable self and yet wasn't too unhappy or apologetic about it. I figured it might have just been one of those days, but when I saw her again yesterday, she looked the same--frumpy, not very pulled together, yet not unhappy--and I just knew.

Your words were helpful. Thank you.

I think it is possible to ovulate on CD 20, but what is normal for you? I mean, I have had *treated* cycles where I (supposedly) ovulated around day 40! But those were being controlled. But I definitely think it's possible to ovulate that late. That's what irregular cycles are, right?

What are you guys doing right now? Just trying on your own? Waiting to try something else?

dana said...

^^hey there! yep - it's an irregular cycle; which is par for the course for me. lol...kinda...not really.

Because I had my period from Jan-May (yes, almost a full 5 months) earlier this year, things are slow moving. I have always had irregular cycles (the exception being when I was on BCP). Last year we did 6 cycles of Clomid (along w/ the Metformin that I take for my PCOS). Nothing took. My follicles understimulate and have yet to grow past 13mm; they are plentiful in number just not in size. I also have yet to get a (+) on an OPK. The goal, since June, has been to have 6 "normal" cycles - I have been taking clomid on cd5-9 achieve this. I do believe the clomid/met combo is helping b/c I've now had 5 periods in a row w/o the assistance of Provera - which is completely abnormal for me. Whew...are you still w/ me? LOL.

Friday (11/21), I have an appt w/ a new RE to try and map out a new game plan. We've been on hold w/ actively TTC since June - and until January/February (the first cycle of the '09). But I've got a feeling we'll be on hold for a bit longer.

If we can start in February - we have decided to do 4 cycles on our own (w/ meds). If still nothing, we will move onto IUI.

It's the waiting game and holding pattern that are devastating right now. It's like my hands are tied and I'm not contributing anything to the overall effort - even tho I know that's not the case.