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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

as most of you know, i am a Conservative. this election, i did a write-in for Ron Paul; staying true to my word. i am not saddened, like some, that BO will be our next president. nor am i saddened that JM didn't win. i, like most other Conservatives i know, am praying that my party re-groups and re-evaluates their mission & goal(s); as i said before, i did not leave the re.publican party, the re.publican party left me. and to be frank, these days i consider myself among the radical center (google for more info.)

i am proud of my country & am so thankful that i am alive to witness what happened last night. i cannot wait to share this amazing story in american history with my grandchildren!

all of that being in-box had an e-mail from a fellow Ron Paul supporter. i agree 100% with what he had to say and i'm posting it here for all to read because it is just too aWeSoMe not to share.

I hope...that we can all stand back and see both what we have to work with and against.

I hope that all of this positive energy coming from people who truly do want peace, prosperity and good will towards mankind will be a help towards our efforts.

The collective consciousness of the world was changed last night for the better; if people can't see that then they just don't want to see it.

I, personally, would much rather work in an atmosphere of positive energy, love and hope than one of pessimism, fear and despair.

Now let's get to work!



Jen J said...

What a GREAT e-mail!

Let's get to work!

tejanamama said...

It was an interesting and unfortgetable day. He wasn't my guy, but here we are! I hope it all ends well and that the damage of the past 8 years starts to be repaired. SO GLAD THE ELECTION IS OVER!!!!!!!!!! SO glad the bush term is ALMOST OVER!!!!

Sarah said...

I completely agree Dana! I hope everyone can take the same attitude and that we can all work together to get the country back on track. Great e-mail too!