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6 years

Monday, November 10, 2008

six years ago yesterday, november 9th, the captain and i tied the knot!

wow. i can't believe it's already been six, over half a decade! who'd have thunk?

we decided to forgo a "traditional wedding" and planned a destination wedding in Lake Tahoe. i remember being concerned about whether or not it was going to be snowing, so i called (iirc, it was the local chamber of commerce) and asked about weather history. the lady on the other end of the line assured me that it NEVER snows in lake tahoe until on/or around Thanksgiving. whew! so, i booked our travel arrangements and we picked 11/09/02 as our wedding date! (a little bit of trivia: the captain proposed on 11/09/01.)

we had a small, intimate wedding here, with snow as the backdrop (uhuh, i said snow!) and it was absolutely beautiful! then, we treated our guests (about 20ppl) to an awesome dinner here. the captain and i stayed behind for another 5 days and did a couple of road trips up/down the west coast and lounged around tahoe. we loved it and we are planning on going back soon.

a couple of weeks after we returned, we had a reception here - dinner and dancing with our friends & family! it was an unforgettable night!

we had been talking about what to do for our anniversary for about a week but hadn't really decided on anything other than a nice, home cooked meal. but yesterday, the captain woke up with a very upset stomach...which ended up putting a crimp into our day. so, even though we didn't get to do much of anything for our 6th wedding anniversary, we were together and we are happy and that is all that matters.

happy anniversary & i love you, captain!


Joelle said...

another november anniversary date! Love it! It snowed (just flurries) on our date in Chicago too, but it was beautiful. Happy Anniversary!!

Sarah said...

I hope both of you had a wonderful anniversary! Best wishes always!

tam said...

I hope the Captain is feeling better! Happy Anniversary (a bit late). :)

jaderade-House of Big Cheese said...

Aw! Happy Belated Anniversary are 6th is coming up soon too :)

K cubed said...

6 years Wow! I have been periodicially checking your blog and it is pretty amazing. You are definitely a strong girl. Very impressive!!!!

Kelly C said...

Why you always gotta brag about things like weddings, dancing, love, yadda yadda yadda? Barf. ;)