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Monday, June 9, 2008

within the last week or so my life has been filled with change...nothing too major but big enough to have an impact.

1. new boss - my boss, K, resigned and last Thursday was her last day. it was a sad day for me - for everyone involved; she will be missed. i met my new boss this morning - nice man...jury's still out.

2. ww - began weight watchers on Saturday. so far, so good. my next weigh-in is @ 6:30am Saturday morning...yes, i know i'm crazy for going that early but honestly, it's a great group and a great time to get the day started.

3. hair cut - i got my hair cut yesterday. i hate it. it's too short. and i thank G-d that my hair grows fast. thank G-d!

4. ttc - i think i've alluded to this but haven't actually spelled it out. the captain and i have had to put ttc on hold until at least January. although there are multiple reasons for this the main one is that i need to have 6 "normal" cycles before my dr feels comfortable with us proceeding using fertility treatments. i really am more "at ease" with this than i thought i was going to be...i guess after 27 months, what's 6 more? sigh.

5. not really a change but an annoyance. as y'all know, i have music playing for you to enjoy as you read along. you've probably noticed it hasn't changed in some time. let me be clear - this is not my choice! i would prefer to change my jams up about once a week...but PLAYLIST has other ideas. i've entered about 1000 different passwords - none seem to work; i've requested they send me a new one - nothing. NOTHING. and i'm getting pissed. so, i'm off to find a new plug and update my tunes.



~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

My hair grows like a weed too.It is borderline annoying...I have to get it cut is so dang heavy too!

I need to join ww. I am working at the gym(before the foot) and it just isn't enough :P

Jen J said...

Tag You're It!

(See my blog for details!)


Thinking of you sweetie & Happy Birthday to Tim!