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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

there is a blog i stalk & i went looking for an update-post this morning. what Boothe wrote about Hope brought tears to my eyes, as her writing often does. here is a tidbit:

"Because even if He killed me... I'd keep on hoping..."Job 13:15

"First there was the couple who hoped their twin boys would just get along. Then there was the guy who hoped the giant boat he was building really would end up needing use in the end. There was an old man who hoped God would make good on His promise to bless him with descendants that outnumbered the stars. There was a mother who hoped her infant son would be spared when she placed him amid the swaying waters of the Nile. And there was an entire nation of people who hoped that someday, someday, they'd be looking at the soil they were meant to inherit - not foreign ground they were forced to work."

to read more, click Keeping Awake.