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patience is a virtue

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

i met w/ dr.C yesterday to discuss my friend and the problems we're having - she doesn't seem to mind that we're incompatible. had a trans-vaginal ultrasound (if you don't know what that is, keep it that way) - nothing abnormal! ha! cervix is lookin' good, uterus is lookin' fabulous, & the ovaries are stellar! all these rave reviews of my innards had me confused....dr.C said i had "abnormal uterine bleeding" caused by HORMONES! Hmph....really? @@

if y'all haven't figured it out yet, my life seems to be overflowing with ironies. today's irony: dr.C prescribed me Clomid (100mg) to be taken w/ the Met for 6 cycles. this should get my cycles back on track b/c you know, the goal here is to get pregnant (& yes, i need a reminder every now and again, too!) he also wanted to inform me that "just in case we have sex during my fertile phase, there is an 8% chance of twins." ORLY?

y'all should know that i lurve dr.C and his staff; they are AWESOME! and a special shout out to nurse L....she always promptly returns my calls :)


Kelly C said...

Hey lady! A few comments:

1. The Maya quote on your title has ending quotations marks but not beginning ones. "
2. LOVE the new layout
3. Blood clots? Sounds freaking scary. At least they find their way out of your body instead of just hanging around in there, right? Does it make you really tired?
4. Just relax & it will happen
5. Obviously that was a joke
6. I'm thinking about you all the time! Keep up the blog!

dana said...

FTR: I knew you'd be the ONE person to comment on the quote issue. I'm thinking it was a design just deal w/ it...Captian of the Grammar Police! lol!

I love and miss you dearly, friend! Come back to me...