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and the drip goes on...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

**warning - much of this post will be TMI...serious, TMI!***

i'm back from AZ and just as i had little friend tagged along. and she really made her presence known monday afternoon - right after we landed in Phoenix. initially, i thought it probably had something to do w/ flying and the dryness of the desert...but i was wrong. again.

i called my dr on tuesday and set up an appt. for this coming monday. i was given instructions for what constitutes "heavy bleeding" and told when to go to the ER. now, what my dr considers heavy bleeding and what i consider heavy bleeding appear to be two very different things...for me, i'm bleeding heavy. i'm having to change my feminine products every three hours....and yes, that means i went thru a box of tampons in about 3 days (i told shoulda bought stock!).

wednesday night we went out to this super swank, hip local spot AZ88 and had drinks and a great dinner! before we left i went to the restroom and noticed i was bleeding a lot. so, i did what i needed to do...and then i noticed a clot the size of a half-dollar!! i finished up and excused myself from the table and called my mom (12am TX time). now, i've since learned that for some people clotting is completely normal...but as y'all know, i'm not normal. i called the captain and asked him to look up the latest flight out thursday night and thought i'd just come home early... but i'd have to wait until thursday morning to do that - and i'd need to get in touch w/ my dr's office and make sure i could get in friday morning (yes, i know this is confusing...just try and follow along). i showered and went to bed...woke up the next morning and was running late...forgot to call dr...everything got messed up and i ended up just staying with my original schedule. fri morning when i woke up, i had another clot. again - if i needed to, i'd have gone to the ER but i think it's just heavy-abnormal-bleeding for me.

the flight back was miserable, as you can imagine. and the first thing i did when i got home was take a shower.

all i can say is that i'm SO over this p-e-r-i-o-d. it's just........gross!

p.s. i'll create a 2nd post about my trip to AZ and include some pics (hopefully).


tejanamama said...

pics hopefully? or hopefully not. I think your imagery in writing was QUITE vivid enough ;) LOL!!! j/k. Sorry you are having such a hard go round this time! :( I hope you don't have to do another one for a long time, making this one forgettable fast!