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Thursday, April 9, 2009

so, last weekend was the wedding. there were no surprises but that doesn't mean it went on without incident. i came to two conclusions after the 3 day affair - 1. my family never disappoints. never. & 2. weddings are overrated. my advice to you singletons - E.L.O.P.E. save yourself the stress and the bullshit that goes along with having a wedding. go get hitched, get the little 8x10 piece of paper that will bind you to another person for life (hopefully) and then we'll throw down like it's 1999 in celebration. no expectations. no hurt feelings. no bridezillas. and it'll be perfectly acceptable for you to be unable to stand upright at the end of the night...on your own two feet...because it's a party, not a wedding. just sayin'.


i took a nap last night and woke up craving a frosty from W.endy's. and a small fry. 'cause
frosty + fries = win. i told the Captain what I wanted and he just looked at me. so i twitched my nose and puckered my lips. that worked. i started heading towards W.endy's and the Captain said it was too far (meaning further than his 2 mile rule) and told me just to go to McD's for a milkshake. i rolled my eyes. now, i realize that for some of you, this may be no big deal. but for me, it is. i mean, how can you seriously compare a FROSTY to a MILKSHAKE? don't even try. you can't.


but i wasn't going to argue about going to McD's. i did argue the difference between the chocolaty goodness though. and i think i won. hell, i know i did. so, we get our milkshakes from McD's. sans fries. cuz you just can't trust McD's fries....sometimes they're perfection and then sometimes, they look about as old as my g'ma. sorry g'ma. and it's not really the same as a frosty and fries, anyways. and if you can't do something right, just don't do it.

came home, plopped my tush on my couch. started sucking thru the straw of my milkshake (um...obviously, that's ONE major difference...frosty = no sucking. must use spoon. damn, i want a friggin' frosty! never again Captain will you deny me the frosty. never.) as i'm sucking, i look over to my left just to check and make sure it's still there. and it is. staring at me. and i stare back. wagging my tongue like a 2yro. and the elliptical will still be there later. taunting me. but i didn't care. i was trying to enjoy my milkshake. and i did. as much as anyone can enjoy a milkshake...instead of a frosty.

and that was that. my craving was not satisfied. and i'm still wanting a frosty. with fries. from W.endy's.

it's now been added to my TDL for this weekend. #4 - FROSTY & FRIES.

but for now, Happy Thursday!


Lori said...

Yummy! Wendy's frosty sounds good! The key to getting fresh McDonald's fries everytime is to order them without salt (so they have to make you a new batch), then add your own salt once you get them!