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from my F*@% It Bucket List

Sunday, April 12, 2009

this is for my AK, who told me at the wedding she reads my blog. but apparently doesn't comment...shame on you, AK. i was going to list them in the order i wrote them but decided to just randomly pull and c/ are 13 from my list (13 is my lucky/fav number) -

2. Sky Diving (this will be crossed off on Aug 2!)
6. No-Predetermined-Destination Road Trip
14. World Series
21. ride a bull
27. ride a train - the Orient Express, travel Europe by train, too.
36. write a book about my life - not leaving out anything
46. ride a camel thru the desert
51. jump off a cliff
63. take a pic w/ Royal Guard
88. send a message in a balloon or bottle
90. run the stairs in Philly....Rocky style
95. surfing
111. stomp grapes

i know, i know. i'm b-o-r-i-n-g. nothing terribly exciting or unique, so sorry to disappoint. haha!



nobloodnofoul said...


that is number one. bizzle.

dana said...

lmao....touche, bb. touche.