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catching up

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i have no idea where to start, so i'm just going to start usual.

friend and fellow blogger, Lori (private blog) welcomed baby Landen! congrat's to Lori and David!

was OOT on business last week. went to C-bus, Ohio. watched a minor league baseball game in the wind and rain; ate a hot dog. i know, i know. but i was starving and thought i might die...from both starvation and the hot dog. hung out here; i can't recommend any food but i can tell you they make some mean cranberry & vodka's. also hung out here to see a band (o.O...can't find them on the interwebs or i'd link you). all in all, met some fun peeps and had a good time.

am seriously giddy over this 2009 lineup. if you're my friend on, check out my lineup.
i cannot wait. gah. the countdown has begun. oct 2-4. if you're in the ATX, holla!

was rec'd a band. bought the album. and love it.

heh. my neighbor came by last night...asked us about having kids. surprisingly, infertility and our situation rolled right off my tongue. no hesitation. then she asked who my dr was (she's an L&D nurse). i told her. she then told me that was my problem. that he sucked. and cont'd on and yea. then i got kinda pissy. but then came the 'you're still young' comment. yea. i thought that, too. but 3 years later...still aging. and eggs are a'rottin'. but whatevs.

trying to plan a trip to vegas next month. crossing my fingers everything falls into place. we desperately need it.

last but not least...and most exciting. am planning on purchasing this. i am a little nervous, for obvious reasons. but i am so friggin' excited. is there anything i should know? any advice?

and that's about it. i know. pretty meh. but tomorrow it's wordy wednesday and i know how much y'all just live for that. haha!