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weekend re-cap

Monday, January 26, 2009

spent Friday night at Austin's Park celebrating my brother's 13th b-day (I know, I'm in shock too...13?)....figured out that I suck at put-put but that i love it anyway.

saturday, j and my other brother, g, came up. they brought Rock.Band. hours and hours of endless fun. i bet the look on my face when i saw "Creep" by Radio.Head as one of the songs was priceless!'d have thought i was at an actual RH concert. lmao. it was decided that i was the weak link in the "CC & the Rednecks" band (remember, he's 13). admittedly, i suck at the drums. meh.

sunday just lounged. watched a few movies and made some gumbo for dinner. gumbo was great...until the captain figured out that i used turkey sausage. who cares! just eat it! and he did. and he liked it, at least that's what he told me. ;)

bro g headed back to the Mari.nes this AM. he was on a 2 week leave after basic...very proud of him...came home a different person, a better person.

and that's all i've got. see, i told you i'm lacking in things to blog about.....taking suggestions....



~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

I too have a 13 year old sibibling...people think I am her mom >:P

Do I look that old???

Joelle said...

i think your blog is great, but you seem to love to read so those would be good blocks, reviewing or talking about books. you also seem to really like music blogs would be interesting. just some thoughts, i know those are tough to write about.