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i'm still here....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

just trying to figure out what the heck to blog about! LOL!

No, seriously. My life/blog has been consumed w/ TTC for such a long time, that I'm at a loss as to what to write about these days. But I promise, I'll come up with something mindnumbing soon.

Speaking of mindnumbing - this series, read it. Read all 4. If you're like me, you'll breeze thru them & not even remember to eat. So, I say, give in. Be a follower for once in your life, not a leader. Join the pack. Join the movement. Go pick it up today. Indulge yourself, lose yourself in the obsession that is Twi.light.

(you'll either love me or hate me later but you will thank me.)



Lori said...

Glad you finally had the chance to read them! I got through the first one quickly and have been stalled half way through the 2nd for awhile. Just need to find some time to read!

dana said...

ah, lori! hurry and read! lol! when landen arrives you'll have no time to obsess properly! haha!

i think that new moon was the most difficult for me. i didn't stall but it was very painful for me to read thru.

you can do it! ;)