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things you don't know

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I was going to list 50 things you don't know about me but decided that was WAY too ambitious. Here are 25...

25. If I didn't color my hair, my head would be solid white. (note I did not say grey)
24. My favorite number is 13.
23. I've held residences in TX, FL and CO. But I am Texas born, Texas bred and when I die, I'll be Texas dead.
22. I used to do my sisters' homework. Like, all of it. All the time. So, y'all can blame me.
21. I cannot stand beer. It tastes like pee (I've never tasted pee but I am assuming that's what pee tastes or should that be the other way around? : / )
20. I am very, very clumsy. I fall a lot - and nothing need even be in my way. Actually, most of the time, there is no obstacle in my path. Sigh.
19. I sat down to take the LSAT my senior year in college. I left 25min into the exam. No regrets.
18. My senior year in high school, I moved to a town of 900 people and graduated in a class of 43. (I came from a city w/ nearly 1 million and a class of almost 700)
17. Above mentioned year was the best year of high school.
16. I worked full-time while attending night classes in college. Graduated in 4 yrs 2 months (summer) with two degrees.
15. I blew an engine in my most beloved car (Ford Bro.nco) because I failed to change the oil. Or add oil. Either way, it was oil-less.
14. My handwriting changes with the weather.
13. I cannot run. CAN.NOT run. Picture it here.
12. I have better than perfect eye-sight.
11. Until sometime last year (I can't even remember when), I had a blankie. I could not leave my house overnight with out it and could not sleep without it near.
10. I sucked my thumb until I was 10.
9. I didn't learn to tie my shoes until I was 8. And this is how I tie them. & always, always double knot.
8. I will wear my flip-flops even if it's snowing out.
7. The ganja does nothing for/to me - this was actually rather disappointing.
6. Random things that will make me hurl: anything scented vanilla or sugar cookie; Lipton seasonings; boiling hot dogs.
5. My eyebrows are naturally shaped...just a little waxing of strays is all I need to do.
4. Best $3.50 I've ever spent (and continue to)
3. The Captain slammed the door in my face when we first met - it wasn't an accident.
2. I am painfully shy in real life.
1. You will always find this in my house. I have one every night. In bed.



katalinaTX said...

that $3.50 hair removal, do you still have to shave? Does it smell bad? I want to know more!!!!

dana said...

@Katie - The smell isn't really off-putting; not pleasant but certainly not as bad as some other products. After I use it, I generally don't have to shave as a follow-up. And it lasts a long time. I do recommend letting your hair grow out tho...IOW, I don't use it on my legs as often as some other regions....ehm.