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uno libre

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i can't remember if i mentioned that my brother, j , was staying with us. he's 12. yes, twelve. yes, we are 16 yrs apart. i know, i've wondered what my mom was thinking, too! haha.

a few weeks ago, he told the captain that one of his friends calls him "Uno" b/c of his unibrow. well, for those of you who know the captain, you know that was j's biggest mistake! it didn't take long for the teasing to start. for the past year or so, i'd been begging j to let me take him and get that thing waxed...but he would never give in. until i started calling him Uno Libre. yep, j had become Uno Libre (& you have to say it with flare "Unnnoooooo Leeebre" - don't forget to roll that "r"). as you can imagine...well, if you know us IRL, you can imagine...that this running joke was non-stop. poor j. i kinda felt bad. kinda. ok, not really. he is my brother after all and therefore, he deserves the same treatment as any other sibling....a bit of ribbing!

he finally asked me to take him to get the uni waxed. but we ran out of time. and i felt bad that he returned home yesterday with all that hair. until i got a call from j....

"Uno Libre is no longer!"

he asked mom to stop on the way home to get waxed...she did...and he's so happy.

too bad he doesn't yet realize that Uno Libre can't be held down.

long live the uni!



tejanamama2be said...

***HUGS to bro*** Even from family the ribbing is so hard to take. I heard it over my weight and everyone takes their turn for differnet reasons, but I still don't like it and I know how deep those cuts go and how long they last :( so happy he got it waxed!! If dh would only listen too! lol

dana said...

^^my brother and i have an awesome relationship and it was only b/c i knew he would be getting it waxed that we teased him about it. he does his fair share of teasing, too...all is well. our relationship is still in tact.

and he's very happy and proud of his eyebrows now.

Jen J said...

Hey! I see no problem with ribbing little bro - unless you can tell that you're honestly touching a nerve, but I know that you'd never keep going if you were doing that. Heck! If you can't tease your family who can you tease? I do the same thing with my sisters!

Texas Lisa said...

LOL!!!!!!! How funny!

~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

Aw hugs...must be those Lebanese genes.....gotta say there are some unis in my family