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some things, i'll never understand

Monday, August 11, 2008

sometimes i wonder if being IF has made me so bitter that even the little things about having a baby can potentially annoy me.

a good friend (who does not know of this blog) of ours is having a baby girl soon. we are thrilled for them! i pulled up their registry and about half way thru it, i noticed a trend. everything and anything that had a color option was PINK. i don't mean a few items....i mean EVERYTHING...bedding, trashcan, pillows, clothes, socks, wall art, car seat stuff, highchair cover, bouncer and saucer (hot pink!)....even pink burp cloths!?!?!?!

i nearly puked.

seriously? this is the 2nd time i've seen this. wth?

still feeling defiant, i got lil' miss some yellow and green things. i know she'll thank me later.


Jen J said...


I'll never understand that (buying EVERYTHING pink!) but then again, she's the type that will have a boy for her #2 and then you'll get invited to yet another shower!

Good for you for getting the yellow & green stuff!

Texas Lisa said...

That's right! fight the power! lol

tejanamama2be said...

She probably won't thank you later honey! Some people are just LIKE that! I faught it so hard with my daughter and turns out, its some kinda weird genetic thing. She never owned anything pink but she GRAVITATES towards that stuff like a moth to a flame. She's such a girly girl and no amount of fighting can change it. She is who she is. My guess is your friend will be blessed with her opposite as I have. Her kid won't want bows in her hair and will want to wear jeans and get dirt under her nails. My girl is sooooooo different than I am and "nurture" had NOTHING to do with it! I was a green/yellow/white buyer even once she was bigger! :)