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not a lot

Sunday, December 20, 2009

this weekend was pretty uneventful. unless you count the cow.boys win over new.orleans. because that was just...epic.  and so very awesome...if not a little bittersweet. 

my trip for february has been booked...i'll give a few more details as the time nears.  now i'm just trying to figure out what to pack. fun times. 

the weather has been awesome the past 2 days, so we've done a lot of outdoorsy things. went to a xmas bazaar and left feeling disappointed.  not at all what i expected and a bit too small for the $12 to get in...and the $5 to park.  lessons learned. 

i have a busy work week much to do in only 2.5 days. gah. 

hope y'all have a wonderful holiday, however you choose to celebrate it.