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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

we've decided not to decorate for christmas. i think the captain just doesn't want to deal with it and that's all. not only do i not want to deal with the hassle (and IDGAF what you say, it IS a PITA to decorate), i just generally do not have any desire to celebrate xmas.

i've never been big on the holidays, save for my birthday. i wonder if it's a symptom of growing up with divorced parents and being tossed from one house to the next (so unique, i know)? or maybe i've grown tired of the demands that are unspoken but i know are whose house we go to for xmas dinner? because we all know that where you choose to spend xmas dinner is essentially the same thing as saying "we like/love them more." and let's not forget that it all HAS to be on the 25th, g-d forbid you even consider making plans for the 24th or the 26th. and try not to mention that you have like 503829040 houses to go to because your parents couldn't make it work and can't be in the same room together without a screening of Apocalypse Now playing out. and then there's the in-law's. but i digress...whatever.

if i had it my way we'd be vacationing for xmas, every year. but the captain doesn't like the idea of being away from his family. go fucking figure.