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Monday, September 14, 2009

back from an awesome trip to Chicago. my travel buddy, kelly, has an awesome friend will, who put us up for a couple of nights & entertained us. took in a couple of Cubs from the rooftop and the other on the 3rd base line, 6 rows up...with a fantabulous view of the bullpen. one word = berg. hung out here for a bit after the game on friday. then spent a couple of hours at germanfest. after saturday's game, we took kelly's parental units here in celebration of her dad's b-day. then we regrouped & lounged here for a couple of drinks & laughs. and of course, it wouldn't be a trip to Chi-town without a trip here.

all in all, a great trip & one that shall be repeated annually.

i'll leave you with a quote to sum up our weekend:

We're Chicago - we can do anything, damn it. -Elva Rupio


Kelly C said...

Excellent quote. I definitely felt like I could, and did, do anything in Chicago. I love that place. So happy we could experience it together.

Time go back yet?