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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

so, we're officially moving into our new house. i love it. but moving sucks. and there's not much more i can say about that.

training is going good. hitting the gym 6x a week. trainer is kicking my ass but i suppose that's his job.

lil bro is still with us. mom wants him back next week tho. summer has flown by and it's time for him to get ready for the 8th grade (scary).

work is work.

the next few months are going to be exciting. at the end of aug, kelly will be moving back from seattle and staying with us for a bit. then, in early sept. another friend, emily, will be moving from georgia and staying with us while her fiance finishes up army basic training. poor captain...all the estrogen! lmao! in sept, kelly and i will be heading north to chi-town to check out some Cubs games! woot woot!! cannot wait!

and that's all for now! carry on...


Kelly C said...

I'm so ready to visit! I'm so ready to see your fancy new house! I'm so ready to just let my brain wander into nonethingness for a while (read: crunk).

You're the best, D.

Jen J said...

MOVING SUCKS!!!! I so don't envy you in that! YUCK! Although I wish that I lived closer so that I could help.

Your house is gorgeous and I can't wait to see it --- someday! =)