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Monday, August 17, 2009

had a good weekend. still moving. FML. have decided to start saving like now for our next 10 yrs. i shall hire movers.

hung out with some friends here friday mexican martinis. EVER. then we went here for some not so good margaritas. <--this have to climb about 30 stairs to get to it....we saw several people fall. and i tripped going up, of course.

and that's about it. i swear, i am so boring these days. srsly. who knew that TTC provided so much more bloggable crap?

ooh! this band is playing here on sept 29, i'mma try to drag emily since kelly won't go a 2nd time. and this band will be here on oct 8...and ACL is smooshed in btwn! these are the reasons i love the ATX.