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things are getting crazay!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

yea, yea. i know i've turned into a quote poster but really, sometimes it's easier to let the words of others describe my mood. kwim?

today tho, you get some substance. lol.

booked our trip for Vegas. countdown: 14 days. cannot wait. a little bummed that the dude i had wanted to do my tat won't be in town while we're there, so i'm postponing the ink until my next trip out there - a girls trip in November.

we're finally considering buying a house. i'm excited and extremely nervous about the whole thing. it seems i mean, i know it's not but i and my commitment issues. sigh. haha! i'll keep y'all posted.

oh! hi-ho, hi-ho. guess who's the mama of a new i love it and i wanna have macbabies. ;)

peace out!