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hola, peeps

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

so, not a lot going on. i know, i know...shocking!

mother's day was a ball of fun. not. it has to be the most dreaded holiday for me. and i wish i could just curl up in a ball and sleep the day away. but alas, i can't. and so i don't. and it's not really that i'm still drowning in my own misery related to IF b/c i'm not. but mother's day is a reminder...and let's be real, do we IF'ers need reminders? i mean, it's there. it's in the back of my head...i can think about it whenever i want to. sigh.

moving on...

i *think* i finally 'found' the tattoo that i want to get. i'll be sure to post a pic once i have it done.

the captain's b-day is next month and i'm not sure what to get him. he'll be 35...old. hehe. i'm taking suggestions for a gift. shoot me your thoughts.

it's already summer her in the ATX. hazy days are ahead....blech!

looking forward to going to roller derby on sunday with some friends; should be totes fun!

the captain is going on his annual boys' trip this weekend. what's a girl to do with 3 days to herself? bwahahahahaha actually, i think i might sign up for a sewing class and get a little project i've been working on out of the way.

and that's it. see...nada...zilch...i got nuttin'! but mebbe that's not such a bad thing?