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insurance be damned!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

today is cd5. i am supposed to start my clomid on cd5. but that is not going to happen. why? because of INSURANCE!

on 09/01, my prescription plan changed carriers. today is 09/03. not only did i not realize this but it also requires a new prior-authorization for the clomid. so, the earliest i'll be able to take the clomid is tomorrow, cd6...and that won't work. it won't freakin' work. dammit.

since most of my friends are teachers, i just wanted to give a huge sHoUt OuT to all you teachers! good luck this year!


Sarah said...

I've been reading your insurance posts Dana and I just wanted to let you know how annoyed I am right there with you! I can't believe the mess about the Clomid too! (Well I guess I can, knowing what I know about insurance, but I'm still mad for you!)

Jen J said...


I hate insurance companies! Why can't you just agree with your doctor that you need a prescription (or a procedure) and then get it --- and have the Insurance company pay for it?


alicia said...

ohh no!! I am sorry about the insurance dilema! that is so frustating!

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