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for you

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Regardless of how high we fly, all of us must sooner or later handle the tough times that life inevitably tosses our way. But that's not all bad. Contrary to popular belief, character is not built when tough times occur; it is revealed.

So even at those times when your most precious of dreams have been blown apart or smashed to smithereens, you can immediately pick up your spirits by picking up the pieces right then and there. Not whenever you feel like it or get around to it, but right that very moment. By picking up the pieces and moving forward, learning from your past experiences and mistakes, you can quickly build on these life lessons and forge the life you have longed to live.

Best of all, you will put the all the pieces together and ultimately uncover your unique place in the sun.

Anne Frank


Kelly C said...

It's pretty ridiculous how one quote can mean something so completely different to each person who reads it. I'm in Florida enjoying the sun...thanks for the quote! Cheers!